Testimonials from across the globe

“By developing a physical memory of the of the correct bow angle, together with relaxation of the elbow, they certainly go on to produce a better tone.” – Violin teacher, UK

“I have had about 6 students try it so far, and they all found it useful… One student really liked the way it helped her get the right feel of bowing straight, especially with ‘full’ bows.” – Violin teacher, USA

“I would like to say how impressed I am with the product. It’s excellent! We had straight bowing as soon as we put it on the instrument.” –  Violin teacher from Melbourne, Australia

“I like it because it gives instant feedback, it confirms correctness, it allows for accurate and continued use of any one of five positions to play between the bridge and the fingerboard, and thus familiarise oneself with the feel and sound of their differences, and it is also about half the price of a decent book.” –  Learner from London, UK

“The children who I teach have really enjoyed using the BowZo to help them to bow straight. It’s a bit of fun and adds variety to a group lesson.” – Violin teacher from East Sussex, UK.

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