Guidance and fitting

diagram of how to fit and play the violin with the bowzoThe BowZo is the simplest and easiest to fit violin bowing guide consisting of a slotted open tube made from a flexible polymer which can easily clip to the bridge of a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full sized violin or 11 to 14 inch viola.

The BowZo springs open and easily clips on to the bridge and fingerboard of the violin (see 3-step image). Once attached, you place the bow inside the slot of the BowZo and can practice your bowing technique.

What it does:

  • A temporary practice aid which provides visual feedback to the user when they are bowing straight
  • Allows free violin bowing movement within a straight path
  • Allows the violinist to see the fingerboard
  • When bowing correctly and straight the bow does not touch the Bowzo apart from a light brushing on one side or the other. Used sensibly, it will not damage violins or bows.
  • Allows the music teacher to help their pupils achieve better tone in their violin notes.

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